No one wants to think about divorce, let alone talk or read about it.  Most couples spend months to years planning their wedding yet totally neglect to prepare themselves if their marriage doesn't work out.  They don't think they will become part of the 50%+ divorce statistic, or find themselves in a Family Law Court.     

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Married couples don't realize that America's current Family Law system doesn't protect them against their divorce taking just long enough to deplete their hard earned community assets such as home equity, pension funds, retirement accounts, college funds, and bank accounts by attorneys, accountants, court appointed therapists, evaluators, and other divorce experts.

This is not going to change anytime soon as most state Legislators are attorneys that will one day go back to private practice. They like the system just fine the way it is with legal fees starting at around $300 to over a $1000 an hour!  They are not going to vote for any legislation that would limit these outrageous rates.  The  best starting point to beating your opponent is to hire the better attorney.  If you live in a state that allows private campaign contributions to Judges' election campaigns, make sure your attorney and/or their firm donated more that your opponent. Fortunately, there is a way around what I term "A Nightmare in the Twilight Zone of Hell." 

The truth is that we really don't need courts with our current system because ultimately the party with the most money will win.  The person with the most money will "out-lawyer" their apponent, and drag the case out with frivolous motion after motion, requiring hearing after hearing, until the opponent runs out of money to pay their attorney and court costs.

Gone are the days of someones' gender determining the division of assets, debts, and custody of the children. Today, these issues are determined by the depth of your pockets. There are many men today that have given up their career to be the full-time parent.  They will find themselves at a great disadvantage unless they understand the pitfalls of the Family Law system.

Judges have the power to divide assets as they choose, even if their rulings violate their own states' divorce laws, and there is no legal recourse against a Judge. Good luck trying to get another Judge to reverse a ruling! The Attorney and Judge club is a very small, elite, and private one; Judges truly are the Gods of the Earth as they hold the power that decides the fate of every American that steps before them.  Filing a complaint against an attorney or a Judge is a complete waste of time, money, and energy if you are an average citizen.   

With 20/20 hindsight from my own case and researching other cases across America, it is clear that divorce in America's Family Law Courts is a money game with very specific rules and strategies of play. This book is not about males versus females, however, does embody the fact that Anglo-American law is a patriarchal society dominated by male influence. The majority of legislators, attorneys, and judges are men. Females in these positions are under the magnifying glass with regard to favoring women's rights over men's. At the very least, the family-law legal system reflects the male point of view.  There is no value placed on a woman risking her life in childbirth, even though around 600 women die each year in America during childbirth.  There is no monatary value placed on a parent giving up their career to be a full-time parent, or consideration given for the years out of the workforce regardless of gender. 

The more assets involved in a divorce, the more those making a living from the divorce process will benefit. Once attorneys become involved, they will pit the spouses against each other creating a war zone where their services are required on a daily basis. Attorneys will bring other attorneys, certified public accountants, psychologists, evaluators, mediators, and other professionals into the case. You will be responsible for paying their fees, often in full, before they will agree to testify in court. These professionals are indeed the only true winners in "The Divorce-Custody Game."

The good news is there are ways to avoid the nightmare that divorce often becomes. This book lays out the strategies for PREPARATION, ARMAMENT, and PROTECTION, for yourself, your children, and your fair share of assets. This is the only divorce book you will need to take you through the entire process, or give you the tools to avoid these courts altogether!