The author is twice married and divorced. Her 1979 divorce entailed no substantial assets or children, involved 1 attorney, cost $125.00 and took 3 months to finalize. Her 1997 divorce entailed undisclosed millions in assets, 2 children, involved 14 attorneys, cost her over $250,000 and took 10 years and 4 months to finalize. 

The divorce itself took 22 months. The next 14 months were spent battling to receive the few assets she was awarded as her ex-husband refused to turn them over as the court had ordered. The remaining years were spent in attempting to enforce her children’s rights which ended when her youngest child turned 18.

The experience and outcome has been a total "Nightmare in the Twilight Zone of Hell" ordeal where absolutely everything that could go wrong did. The author's motivation for writing this book is to spare other couples and their children from the possible devastating results in divorce and child custody court. If she would have had the information in this book, she and her children would have had a chance for justice in their case, and would not have had to suffer the physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse that they continue to endure. 

The state where the author divorced is a community property state, which legally entitled her to a 50/50 split, yet she didn't receive a fraction of a fraction of half even though all assets were acquired during the marriage.

Her ex-husband had nothing when he met her and couldn't read or write English; he had the English language speaking skills of a 5 year-old. 

The author founded their first corporation from scratch. She didn't receive a penny of compensation from that corporation, or any from the 3 companies that stemmed from it, even though her ex-husband's first attorney stated in open court before the first judge that "she is due compensation for her contributions."

There were 14 commercial real estate holdings attached to her ex-husband's name in one county alone. She wasn't awarded any of those properties, in fact, that evidence was never even presented as the attorney that represented her through trial was really working in her ex-husband's best interest. There are countless similar examples of incompetence, injustice, or immorality in the author's case. The author's state is one of 8 states that allow private campaign contributions to judge's election campaigns. According to the fourth of the fourteen attorneys in her case, the author's ex "made a very generous contribution to the second judge's first election campaign." It is very probable that he also made generous contributions to the first judge in the case, and at least four of the author's attorney's. The author was given 20 days to vacate the 5000 sq. ft. home she selected everything for down to the color of the mortar between the bricks.  

She had to sell the grand piano that her children learned to play on for the deposit on an apartment and moving expenses. She was awarded a vehicle along with the $702.21 monthly payment, and $37,000 in joint credit card debt.

She was only awarded $1000.00 a month in child support for 2 children, even though the previous year's tax return reflected earnings close to $600,000. She wasn’t awarded alimony, even though she had lived with her husband for over 11 years. Her state allowed alimony after 10 years of marriage. All the money from liquidating the few assets she was awarded was paid to attorneys and other divorce related debts. 

The judge was in contempt of her own ruling in her own courtroom as she refused to sign the QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) that she herself ordered.

The author's ex-husband openly admitted before this judge that he had been committing adultery throughout the entire marriage with no negative consequence to him in any way.

The very well renowned and respected court-appointed evaluator in the author's case recommended to the judge that the author be awarded "Sole Managing Conservatorship" of the children. The judge awarded their abusive and uncaring father  "Joint Custody with Primary Possession."

The children, ages 10 and 11, at the suggestion of the oldest child wrote letters to the judge begging her to please not force them to go with their father, threatening suicide if she did. The letters weren’t even acknowledged by the judge, and at this point in time the pictures proving physical abuse that were personally hand delivered to the judge by the author, are missing from the children's files.

President George W. Bush had personally appointed the judge in this case, and was contacted about this matter. The children's suicide letters were included in the documents presented to him in July of 1997. He responded by letter in February of 1998, (8 months later), stating that the Texas legislature would reconvene in January of 1999, (11 months later), and that the author should write a letter to her legislative representative at that time.

The author and her children's survival are due to one miracle after another and the angels that arrived with them, saving them from the family law court system. Without them they would have been homeless, and the author's joint custody rights regarding her children revoked for not being able to provide them a home. Unfortunately, this scenario plays itself out in some form in courtrooms across the United States of America everyday. Americans shouldn't need miracles to survive a system that promises "Justice for All."